Save Whenever You Want with Kingdom Come: Deliverance Unlimited Saving Mode

Kingdom Come: Deliverance
Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a great RPG journey that doesn’t feature any magic or other fantasy stuff. But, the game has many shortcomings like the abundance of bugs, poor optimization, and a massively flawed save system that will make many players go mad once they realize they can save the game only by drinking Saviour Schnapps, which is pretty expensive and will create addiction. Fortunately, there’s a mode that allows you to save any time you want.

The mode is called Unlimited Saving, and it comes in two flavors. The first one asks for the player to have at least one bottle of Schnapps in their inventory and then just gives unlimited saves, without using the Schnapps.

The other one, which is even better, doesn’t require Schnapps at all and we advise all of you who started the game to download it right away. In other news, the game managed to sell half a million copies in just two days, which is a monumental achievement for a game that doesn’t have a multimillion-dollar advertising budget. The news comes from a Czech media outlet Hospodarske Noviny (via Gamasutra), which reported that the game designer Daniel Vavra shared the news on CzechTV.

As we said, the game is excellent but has lots of negative sides. And the worst thing about its broken save system is that it isn’t actually broken; developers wanted for it to work like this. Which is a bit too much, especially because Kingdom Come can be an incredibly hard game at times, often making players to lose hours of playtime because of one small mistake (almost three hours of playtime to be specific, the main reason why I put the game on the side for a while until I calm down a bit).

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