Ubisoft to Launch for Honor Dedicated Servers on PC During February

For Honor
For Honor

Ubisoft announced For Honor dedicated servers support back in July 2017, and more than six months after the announcement Ubisoft will finally launch them on February 19 on PC.

“The introduction of dedicated servers to the For Honor PVP ecosystem will remove session migration and NAT requirements, improving matchmaking and the overall stability of the online experience,” Ubisoft explained, adding that “Dedicated servers for consoles will follow soon after [February 19], with exact release dates to be announced.”

The reason for consoles getting dedicated servers at a later date is because they will be tested on PC, so we hope Ubisoft knows what is doing and that those who play the game on PC don’t run into too many issues (there will be some stability issues before the system becomes fully stable).

The launch of dedicated servers is following the launch of Age of Wolves, a new season that arrives on February 15. Age of Wolves brings improvements for five of the game’s heroes, “along with adjustments to player progression and ranked play.” The new season also comes with a three-week special event and new training modes.

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