Looking Back on the Survival Genre

The survival genre has exploded in popularity in recent years with games such as Ark attracting huge player bases. Survival games are known for their brutal and hard starts that give players more of a challenge than typical triple-A titles. The genre has become so popular in recent years that we are now seeing more of a focus on making more of these games than we are on making FPS’s which reigned over last gen. Read More

iOS Users Beware of New Phishing Scam!

Ask any Apple user what they love most about the company’s gadgets and it would be the design followed by the fact that it is extremely secure. Not that they are wrong – Apple’s security as compared with Windows or Android is way better. The only problem, however, is our habit of taking security for granted. Knowing this, most hackers work on the principles of social engineering – people have impulsive or habitual actions that prevent them from identifying red flags in an unsolicited email, pop-up or link bait. Read More

Our Favorite Things from Mario 64

Mario 64 is one of the best-known gaming titles to come out in about a decade. This is because this game is still one of the most innovative titles in gaming. With its predecessor, Mario Odyssey coming out on the 27th now is the perfect time to look back at the reasons we loved this game. This article sets out to help prove just how genius this game was for its time and even by today’s gaming standards. Read More

This Week in Gaming #5

This article corresponds to the week of Oct 16, 2017. Welcome back to another edition of our weekly gaming news. October is shaping up nicely and I’m pleased to tell you that some of my most anticipated games of the year are releasing this week. Be sure to check back later this week for reviews of Gran Turismo Sport & South Park: The Fractured But Whole. Besides some of the biggest games of the year releasing this week, we also have plenty of bite-sized stories to tell you about. Read More

Kaspersky Story Grows Intense, Comes Full Circle with Israeli Government Involvement

The Kaspersky saga has been a matter of great concern for the US government and the common American citizen. Suspected of being tools for Russian espionage, the anti-virus was officially removed and banned from all US government systems. Following the rising rumors and speculations, Americans began to find for Kaspersky alternative and ditched the powerful and perhaps one of the most trusted anti-viruses of all time. Kaspersky was in continuous denial of having any involvement with Russian spies and upheld its integrity as a cybersecurity service provider. Read More

Should You Collect Pops?

Tekken Devil Jin Pop! Collecting Pops can be a fun little hobby or a full-blown obsession depending on the type of person you are. These little things are about in every store you go in nowadays. They have seeped into every nook and cranny they can make it almost impossible for you to miss. Many people may be thinking about getting into the pop craze or even buying someone a pop collection as a gift. Read More

5 Shows On Netflix You Need To Watch

Some show you just can’t afford to miss. Thankfully, Netflix has you covered with a whole host of unique and interesting shows just a few clicks away. So don’t be that person at work who has no idea what a Demogorgan is, get involved and check out these Netflix shows. We have compiled a list of 5 Netflix shows we think you just can’t miss. These are some of the hottest shows in entertainment right now and with new seasons right around the corner; there is no better time to catch up. Read More

5 of the Coolest iOS & Android Apps

Smartphones feel like they have been around forever. It almost seems strange to think about your pre-smartphone life. What did I do to keep in touch with my friends? How come I used to use up all my text message allowance? You ask yourself these sorts of questions. Smartphones have definitely changed our lives, but when you really think about it, it’s the applications you have on those devices that have made the biggest changes. Read More

Shadow Of War: Review

Middle Earth: Shadow Of War plays like a worthy successor to that of Shadow of Mordor. It’s a game that’s not afraid to take risks and fortunately, a lot of them have paid off. Like the previous game Shadow Of War feels so much more than a simple Batman Arkham copy, but with Orcs. The Nemesis system is back and better than ever. It’s bigger in almost every way and the additional of sieges are amazing, as are some of the characters you meet along the way. Read More

5 Horror Movies to Watch This Halloween Season

There’s a fine line between a good horror movie and a really terrible one. It’s a line that’s more often than not missed and the movie you had so much hope for ends up being totally unsatisfying. I am something of a horror lover, but I find it very hard to be scared by a horror movie these days. Perhaps it’s my age, or perhaps it’s that the genre just doesn’t turn out good movies anymore. Read More