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Use Apps to Try out Tattoos Before You Commit

Apps are some of the most useful features a smartphone can have. They can do pretty much everything for us including virtual decoration. This can help us determine what type of furniture I a good or bad fit in our home. It seems though that some app inventors have to take a note from the interior decorators. We now have gotten to the age where apps can help you try on tattoos. Read More

What You Need to Know About the KRACK Attack

A few days ago, security experts were shaken with a flaw in the security protocol of Wi-Fi devices which included everything from mobile phones to kitchen appliances that work on an IoT framework. For the uninitiated, KRACK stands for Key Reinstallation Attack and is a flaw that exposes the vulnerability of WPA2, a security protocol used in wireless networks. Hackers could use this flaw to decrypt network traffic and hijack connections or inject malware into the network stream. Read More

iOS Users Beware of New Phishing Scam!

Ask any Apple user what they love most about the company’s gadgets and it would be the design followed by the fact that it is extremely secure. Not that they are wrong – Apple’s security as compared with Windows or Android is way better. The only problem, however, is our habit of taking security for granted. Knowing this, most hackers work on the principles of social engineering – people have impulsive or habitual actions that prevent them from identifying red flags in an unsolicited email, pop-up or link bait. Read More

5 of the Coolest iOS & Android Apps

Smartphones feel like they have been around forever. It almost seems strange to think about your pre-smartphone life. What did I do to keep in touch with my friends? How come I used to use up all my text message allowance? You ask yourself these sorts of questions. Smartphones have definitely changed our lives, but when you really think about it, it’s the applications you have on those devices that have made the biggest changes. Read More

Tech May Be Dumbing Us Down – Here’s What You Can Do to Remain Sharp and Intelligent

Let’s admit it. We’ve become increasingly dependent upon computers and technology to solve our problems. In fact, most of us are too happy to let AI do the thinking for us. We’ll get more time for our leisure, our games, our businesses and our chats. We’re always working, multi-tasking, yet we always feel left behind. We’re always trying to learn, yet somehow, we still feel like it’s not enough. Read More

Google Launches Cool Products With Inflated Snobbery

Days after the Apple iPhone X launch, Google stumps the world with what it considers to be the ‘iPhone killer,’ aka the Google Pixel 2 and the 2XL. Along with new smartphones, several other cool gadgets like the Google Home Mini and Home Max smart speakers, the Google Clips always-on camera, the Pixelbook laptop cum tablet cum phone and the famous Pixel Buds were also launched. So a pretty exciting lineup of Google products for Google fans worldwide. Read More

Don’t Want Your Accounts Hacked? Use Two-Factor Authentication

Here’s a harsh reality – many of us fall victim to data leaks, account hacks and other crimes of cyber theft simply because we do not use extra security options. We’re happy using automated logins and passwords and don’t really bother much with other security settings. It’s only when our accounts are hacked do we have the ‘AHA!’ moment. One of the most important security features offered by nearly all social media and email service providers is the two-factor authentication which, unfortunately, very few people actually implement. Read More

Top 5 Sports Watches for Fitness Freaks

A smartwatch that is also a sports watch? Oh yes. For fitness freaks, smart watches that also perform as a fitness tracker and a sports watch is an absolute must-have. So if you’re hunting for the next sports smartwatch, look no further. Here are our top 5 best selects. 1. The Apple Watch Series 3 Apple Watch Series 3 with white band. The Apple Watch Series 3 is the latest release after the Series 2 (which has been discontinued) and the Series 1. Read More

Update your CCleaner App Right Away to Avoid Malware Downloads

Avast-owned CCleaner App is the latest target of hackers who used the app to spread malicious malware and ransomware into millions of PCs worldwide. If you’re a CCleaner user, update your software immediately and make sure your PC is not affected by malware. According to researchers and Avast’s own figures, 2.27 million people are thought to be affected with the infected app. That being said, the company has asked users not to panic and to simply update their programs to avoid any further complications. Read More

iOS 11 Security Feature Makes it Hard for the Police to Find User Information

The case between a user’s data security and the police’s access to their information has long been a bone of contention between the law and Apple’s privacy policies. In several stand-offs with the Justice Department, the FBI, and the local police, Apple has been forced several times to provide user information from the devices. Security features of the iOS are encrypted in a such a manner that even Apple itself cannot read them. Read More