5 Life Hacks for your Smartphone

Smartphones are wonderful things. They have helped make our lives easier and enabled us to do most day-to-day activities with a device located in your pocket. That being said, we all like to do things a little easier from time to time. Small life hacks that make using a smartphone that little bit easier, all whilst you feel like you’re somehow cheating the system.

It’s a great feeling when you hear of some little workaround that can help you find your smartphone or some cool new app that makes you everyday usage that little easier. I’m here to try and make it just that little bit easier with 5 life hacks for your smartphone.

So if you’re looking for new and clever ways to use your smartphone, then you’ve come to the right place. Let’s dive into 5 Life Hacks for your Smartphone.

Getting rid of screen smudges

Okay, so this is the weirdest life hack on our list, but try and stay with us as I work, I promise. Do you ever get tired of seeing all those fingerprint smudges on the front of your smartphone? Perhaps it’s a sunny day and you’re trying to find some interesting feeds on Twitter and all you can see are fingerprints and possibly greasy ones from last night’s takeaway.

The great thing is, these are really easy to get rid of completely with the help of a household item everyone will have. Toothpaste is your miracle cure for fingerprint smudges. Still with me? Great.

Carefully add a blob of toothpaste to the middle of your phone’s screen and then spread it around with your finger, but be careful to avoid the speaker and other delicate places. After a few minutes of leaving it to settle, take a dry towel or piece of kitchen paper and remove the toothpaste why carefully wiping it away.

What you’re left with is a sparkly clean screen, free of any fingerprint marks and it probably smells like mint too. Everyone’s a winner.

Hmmm, not sure on this one Tom. I found a video showing this, seems to work, but I worry about getting toothpaste in the speaker grill or any other exposed parts. Personally, I’d recommend just a little screen cleaner on a microfiber cloth. Rub and let dry. There should be no issues with destroying your phone with this method. If you try toothpaste, well, don’t hold us responsible! - Ed

Smartphone Finder

I lose my phone all the time. It usually ends up being somewhere on or under the sofa, but nonetheless, it has me frantically searching my pockets for it. Those days are gone now, thanks to an app I found that helps me locate my phone by simply clapping.

Clap to Find has made my life so much easier. If I’ve lost my phone, all I do is clap twice and boom, ill hear a familiar chime and find my phone. Annoyingly my girlfriend has also had some fun with this by constantly clapping and making the phone chime away, but at least I know ill never lose my phone.

Not only can you have some fun with this app, but also it saves you having to ask someone to call your phone and then hush everyone as you try to feel the vibrations of silent mode. Clap to Find is a must have app. It’s easy and useful and does exactly what you want it to.

No more ads

Picture this if you can, you’re sat on your daily commute on the train, playing candy crush or some other game, having a great time. All of a sudden an advertisement pops up and ruins your streak, taking you out of the action and to a place you didn’t want to be. Well, today’s your lucky day as there is an easy fix for these kinds of situations.

Airplane mode is not only useful for using your phone whilst flying but it’s great for these circumstances. When Airplane mode is on, it disables your Wifi and therefore adds on games. It’s so simple when you hear of this and you’re probably asking yourself why you didn’t think of this earlier. I was the same before I started using this trick.

The next time you want to play your favorite Smartphone games ad-free, pop Airplane mode on and you’ll never be bothered by an ad again.

Use your headphones

I don’t have the steadiest of hands. I start to realize how shaky I am when I try and take a picture on my smartphone. I’m not the best photographer, but I feeling like one when I get my phone out to snap a picture of a vista. A problem I’ve always had is that I find it slightly awkward to hold my phone and then tap the button on it to actually take the photo. Those days a gone now after I learned you could snap a picture with your headphones.

This is useful for a number of reasons. Perhaps you’re listening to music and you want to snap a pic. It’s easy, just open your camera and press the up or down volume buttons on your headphones. Maybe it’s cold out and the gloves you’re wearing won’t allow you to control your phone. No problem, use your headphones.

This may not be a life hack you use every day, but for any smartphone photographer out there, this is bound to make certain things a whole lot easier.

Speed up your phone

I’ve always found that the older my phone gets, the slower it becomes. I spent hours and hours searching online for ways to speed the device up, I tried everything. Then one day I stumbled upon a selection in my settings ‘Reduce Motion’ it said. I turned it off and things started working quicker, but what exactly is Reduce Motion? I asked.

Whilst the animations your phone plays are pretty, they actually hinder your performance more than you think. Reduce Motion solves that issue by reducing and turning off some of the animations. It’s worth noting that this particular setting is only for iOS, but Android has its own way of speeding up the animations.

With Androids, rapidly tap the build number show in the About Device section in settings. This will then bring up a selection where you are able to speed up the animations, thus speeding up your phone’s performance. Reduce Motion can be found on iOS in the accessibility menu in the setting section of the device.

This may not do a whole lot, but are sure to notice a difference if your phone is chugging a bit.

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