5 of the Coolest iOS & Android Apps

Smartphones feel like they have been around forever. It almost seems strange to think about your pre-smartphone life. What did I do to keep in touch with my friends? How come I used to use up all my text message allowance? You ask yourself these sorts of questions.

Smartphones have definitely changed our lives, but when you really think about it, it’s the applications you have on those devices that have made the biggest changes. Where would be we be today with the ease of Whatsapp? How would our pictures look without the use of Instagram filters?

We all have the everyday apps we use. The ones that we possible check first thing in a morning, or the ones we use for a little bit of downtime, or even spying on an old friend. There are literally thousands and thousands of apps out there, some that could make a huge difference in your life, and you may not have even heard about them.

Consider yourself educated, my friend. Here at Beepwee, we have put together a list of 5 of the coolest iOS & Android apps out there, right now. Grab your smartphone and open your app store and see if you agree with our list.

Zombies, Run!

I think it’s fair to say that most people probably find the task of becoming fit and healthy a bit of a boring one. Granted, not everyone is the same as me and even if you love running on a treadmill for hours, this app can still provide a welcomed treat.

Zombie, Run! Is an application for runners who wish to embark on something of an adventure. It’s a unique and ultra-immersive experience where you put on your headphones and literally try to escape a horde of incoming Zombies.

The application will direct you which way to go to avoid onslaught, You hear every guttural breath, every rattling groan. Of course, the zombies are all in your head/ears, but nonetheless, it still gets your blood pumping and your legs moving.

Through a series of missions, you must keep running, collecting items in order to help a fictional town survive, all whilst listening to various audio narrations to uncover mysteries. The storyline of the game is written primarily by Naomi Alderman and Zombies, Run! became the highest-grossing Health & Fitness app.

There are currently 5 seasons to run yourself though, so there’s plenty to sink your teeth into. Each mission lasts 35 minutes to an hour so tie your shoes, put on your headphones, take your first steps outside - If you dare.


Memrise is a language-learning app that specializes in combining memory techniques in order to make language learning recreational. I love this app, and I found it really useful at breaking things down in a simple and easy to understand way.

With 25 languages at your fingertips, Memrise offers a comprehensive way for you to learn the second language you’ve always wanted to. I started to learn Japanese with this application and although I’m still yet to become fluent, I found Memrise pushed me to keep coming back. You can also track your progress with friends, which really help bring out a sort of competitive element to it.

Memrise is full of fun little animations that feel rewarding every time you as a section of the course. It also ensures that once you have learned something, you remember it, by revisiting previously learned words.

If there is any language-learning app to use in 2017, it’s Memrise. Having been recently named as the overall Best App in the Google Play awards, maybe its time you joined the 15 million other people as they unlock their superpowers. Start taking on missions in language learning from around the globe.


The second learning app on our list is Elevate. Elevate is essential a brain training application that aims to improve focus, speaking abilities, processing speed, memory, math skills, and more. Elevate claims that the more you train with the app, the more you’ll improve critical cognitive skills that are proven to boost productivity, earning power, and self-confidence.

The app will offer a set of three games every day, targeted to specific brain functions like memory or math. There is an option to pay to get more games if you wish, but I found that three was enough.

Elevate keeps track of your progress or score each day and allows you to see how your scores match up. This is useful if you want to compare your performance through the day to the night. Elevate’s games are definitely fun, and it’s engaging to open the app each day to find three new games to play.

If you’re looking for a different kind of learning experience, that’s actually fun, then Elevate is the place to go to. Build your skills up today, you never know when you might need them.

Star Walk

If you’re something of a stargazer then there’s no other app for you that Star Walk. The application allows users to explore the stars in real time. Watch moon phases, meteor showers, iridium flares, all from your smartphone.

Star Walk also shows users a list of upcoming celestial events, which you can then add to your calendar. It will become your only interactive guide to the night sky, following your every movement in real-time and allow you to explore over 200, 000 celestial bodies with extensive information about stars and constellations that you find.

the application is also equipped with time machine feature which gives an opportunity to explore the map of the night sky in the past and future. You’re never far away from seeing the stars with Star Walk. This app is so fascinating it’s a must-have for anyone who gazed up at night and wondered. Not to mention, it’s also a great party trick.


GarageBand is the app that can practically turn your iOS phone into a recording studio. Even if you can play an instrument, this thing is still fun to mess around on. With a collection of touch instruments and a fully featured recording studio, you can start making your chartbusters today.

The great thing about GarageBand is even if you’ve never touched a guitar or instrument before; you can start making music right away. Its simple interface and user-friendly look mean almost anyone can start laying down some beats in minutes.

Record and mix your tracks and the share them instantaneously using email, Facebook, YouTube, SoundCloud, or AirDrop for iOS. GarageBand is fun no matter your skill level.

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