New Nvidia Gtx 1060 5GB Model Spotted

Nvidia GTX 1060 is probably the most popular Pascal-based graphics card from Nvidia. The mainstream model launched in two versions – the full 6GB and a more affordable one with 3GB of video memory. And Nvidia will likely to introduce a third GTX 1060 version sporting 5GB of memory.

There were some rumors pointing out that we might see another Pascal-based graphics card model before Nvidia presents its consumer Volta models (there’s already one model based on Volta architecture, the Titan V, but the card isn’t made for gaming but for researchers and scientists), and the GTX 1060 5GB might be that model.

The chip in question
The chip in question

The chip used in the card is GP106-350-K3-A1 meaning the model will come with a full array of shader processors (1280) and the card will run at the same clock as two other GTX 1060 versions (1,506 MHz for base clock and 1,709 MHz for boost clock).

The only difference between the full 6GB version and the 5GB version is the fact that latter one won’t come with GDDR5 memory, meaning it will be slower and it will have narrower memory bus. While the original and 3GB version features a 192-bit memory bus, the one with 5 gigabytes of memory will feature a 160-bit bus. This will affect performance, but not in a huge way.

As for its target market, reports tell that Nvidia plans to sell the card to Asian internet cafe’s, which are reportedly very popular there. This probably means that the card will be sold freely in the Asian market. As for the rest of the world, it seems we won’t have the chance to see it.

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