Camera Manufacturer Red Announces a New Phone with a 'Holographic Display'

Litterly the only image of it.
Litterly the only image of it.

The high-end camera manufacturer RED company is well-known for its filming equipment which can cost as much as $70,000 with all required parts such as lenses, storage devices, viewfinders, and batteries. These cameras are intended for professional film studios and moviemakers. Many studios in Hollywood use them, and the list of movies filmed with them is huge - Fate of the Furious, The Hobbit, and Captain America are just a few examples.

This company has just announced a new, mysterious smartphone dubbed Hydrogen One. it will be available sometime in early 2018, and pre-orders are now open. Two versions were announced; both of them are identical in specs, the difference is in the finishes. The aluminum variant will cost $1,200 and the titanium one will have a $1,600 price tag.

What we surely know that this phone will use the Android operating system, it will have a headphone jack, and the display is 5.7’’. This is where it starts to get interesting - RED’s press release says that this phone will feature a revolutionary “hydrogen holographic display”, which will be capable of showing 3D content without needing glasses or special equipment. Such things already exist to a degree - the Nintendo 3DS is a good example, but RED’s method should be much more advanced than that. According to RED, this display will need “holographic content” to utilize its capabilities, though they haven’t specified anything about what exactly is this.

Camera-wise we don’t know what will the Hydrogen One feature by default, but RED said the camera would be modular and replaceable, and a unique module capable of shooting in RED’s proprietary 3D format will also be available later. These camera modules won’t make it to the phone’s release, so users will have to wait a while for them. If the user has access to a RED Scarlet, Epic or Weapon camera, they will be able to control it with the Hydrogen One phone. RED hasn’t forgotten about audio, where they will also have a supposedly revolutionary upgrade: “multidimensional” audio, which they likened to 5.1 surround headphones.

Apart from these, not much else is known - we don’t know the exact Android version it will ship with, and also the exact specs of the SoC, battery capacity, the amount of RAM and storage space are all unknown.