iPhone 3D Face Scanning Could Be Coming Soon

Pioneers of their respected industries Apple are at it again as they test a new feature, which allows a user to unlock their phone using their face. Now I don’t mean you swipe the phone with your face to unlock it, as that already kind of works. This latest feature lets your phone scan your face and unlocks it that way. Much like Xbox’s Kinect 2 does with user login. Well, when it works it does.

This new face scanning technology is said to be included in the release of the next iPhone later this year. The new feature will not only allow users to unlock their phone but can also be used for things like purchasing apps too.

Earlier suggestions also suggest the phone will include some form of dedicated processing chip for all its new capabilities. Improving voice and facial recognition as well as greatly improving the battery life of the device is likely to be high on Apple’s agenda.

The new features will all be powered by a new 3D sensor, which at this moment we don’t have too many details on. What we do know is that it the phone will use a front facing sensor to scan both your face and retinas. This is all said to happen with speed and accuracy, all in less than a few hundred milliseconds. Unfathomably fast right?

This new selfie type security will encompass more data points than the Touch ID sensors that current iPhones have. That’s basically a way to say it’s safer and has better security than the fingerprint scanner. The question I’d like to ask Apple, is what about all the doppelgangers?

Jokes aside, the existing hardware current iPhones have won’t be able to support this new feature, which all points to Apple looking to scrap their Touch ID in the future. But who needs a fingerprint when you can wink at your phone and it unlocks? Here’s hoping for gesture recognition.

Looking to the future it could be possible that home button will be entirely removed from the devices, freeing up more space and ultimately allowing a bigger screen. Without even having to enlarge the device, Apple will be able to accommodate better features, which suit their augmented reality ambitions.

The reality of having a 3D scanner on your iPhone seems like it’s just around the corner and with it comes seemingly endless possibilities. This latest leak isn’t likely to stay hush for long as we approach the last quarter of the year.

I for one can’t wait to see if I can unlock my phone with my cat’s face in the near future.

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