The Fastest Laptop in The World

We love talking about all things tech. It’s fun to look at the newest innovations around and talk about what it’s like to live with them. For gamers, it’s pretty much the same thing but we look to things such as virtual reality and high computer specs for our entertainment. For years, gamers have been making their own high-powered desktops to play the games they love. There is even a coalition that is strictly PC gaming over consoles due to the fact that computers are so easy to upgrade as you go. This article, however, has set out to find the most insanely fast computer money can buy for you right away and the results are pretty impressive.

What we are looking for is a machine that can push the boundaries of most standard gaming laptops. It has to have powerful enough components to seamlessly run games without frame rate drops. In a way, we looked at a computer most people would look at and say, “Why would you ever need that?”. The result is pretty much a limited run show piece with enough power to make any PC fan stop and look. This laptop is far beyond what we will see in coming years with power, but it is a really cool piece that we wouldn’t mind getting to play with for a few hours.

The Predator 21 X

Its processor is an Intel Core i7-7820HK which is a quad core processor that has a clock speed of 2.90 GHz and can be overclocked. Screen size is 21 inches diagonally with an ultra wide 21:9 resolution (2560x1080). It has a massive 64GB of DDR4 RAM which in conjunction with the processor can be great for those who multitask. The monitor has a refresh rate of 120Hz which is great for those who need the smoothest gameplay experience needed for playing fast paced shooters such as Counter Strike.

The built-in keyboard is mechanical instead of digital, which allows for less input lag for gaming and the keys give that satisfying clicking sound when pressed.The keyboard is also backlit.In addition, the touchpad to the far right of the keyboard can be removed and in its place, a keypad can be installed easily for those who opt to use an external mouse. The touchpad and keypad are on the same module, by simply flipping the touchpad over, the keypad is revealed. The module is held in place by a magnet, so while it is kept in place it can be replaced with ease.

The laptop has two Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 video cards that allow for high graphical output of 8GB video RAM each, totaling it to 16GBs. The Predator has a high speed 1TB 7200rpm HDD as well as two 512GB SSDs and even allows for further storage upgrades with two extra slots for drives. The cooling system consists of five fans and nine heat pipes to keep the CPU and GPUs at an optimal temperature. While it is a laptop, portability is not the Predator’s strong suit due to its overall size and battery life which only lasts around two hours. The Predator comes equipped with Tobii-eye tracking which is a feature compatible with very few games such as For Honor and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. The eye tracking feature allows you to, depending on the game, control the camera or access in-game menus just by looking at it. The eye tracking can also be used with certain operations in Windows as well.

The Bad

While this is an insanely impressive laptop, the price being at around \$9,000 will deter most people away. Because of the tech used in this laptop and the fact that powerful laptops will always run higher than their desktop counterparts, the price tag is extremely high. Most people could get a good used car for the price of this computer. That’s not knocking anyone who wishes to own it as this thing could probably keep you going for the next few console generations. Even so, most people will opt for a more powerful or just as powerful cheaper desktop which will generally cost them thousands of dollars less than the Predator.

If the price tag doesn’t deter you then the next bit of news may. This PC was pretty much a show piece for Acer, meaning they didn’t exactly plan on producing many of them. The first set was numbered 1 to 300 and only now does there website report that more are on the way. This was literally made to show the potential of laptops and offer it to the few gamers lucky enough to be both laptop enthusiasts and have a few grand built up in their savings account. While we won’t be seeing laptops of this rank produced for many years, I do encourage anyone lucky enough to find one to test out just how exactly the Predator plays games.

Another somewhat downside to this incredible piece of tech is its hefty weight. The Predator weighs in at around 18 pounds making its mobility a little bit limited. Acer does, however, include a sturdy carrying case with purchase making transport of the laptop a little more feasible. Also note that the laptop is huge in size so it will need a bigger desk than most standard laptops. It also will be a little bit harder to take this out in public as it will draw a lot of attention to itself due to its stand out design.

Final Impressions

This laptop has a few downsides but for the most part, Acer makes up for them in some way. The price tag puts it out of the range that most normal consumers can afford to make the laptop a rarity to see in the wild. This being said the specs are simply amazing and Acer defiantly accomplished their goal of making the most powerful laptop. This machine is nothing less than impressive and anyone who sees it should be able to respect the hardware put in it to make it run so incredibly.

Jessica has been working with the gaming industry for about two years now. She enjoys playing quirky Japanese games and learning about the newest trivia in the industry. When not working with games you may find her chilling with her naked cat Prince Noko... he's pretty cool we guess.