AT&T Claims Most People Want Net Neutrality Revoked

The internet was recently hit with a shockwave of displeasure about Net Neutrality when AT&T decided to make a statement due to results from a survey detailing people’s opinion towards Title II:

“While Title II proponents may claim that millions of consumers representing the large majority of commenters support Title II, in fact, most of these comments were not legitimate. And when only legitimate comments are considered, the large majority of commenters oppose Title II regulation of Internet access.”

These claims, of course, were completely inaccurate and have caused many users to fire back at the company for falsifying data. This is due to them not taking spam or falsified posts into account. Provided below is information pertaining to the claims and an explanation of why they are as insane as the poll results from AT&T published.

AT&T’s Data

Basically, AT&T used a company name Emprata who gathered data and compiled a percentage based on the comments of the FCC filings. This percentage was based on all the comments and didn’t take into account spambots or any other fraudulent postings that could have been made. This caused the company to find that 69.9% of comments wanted to repeal neutrality. This, of course, has already been debunked by multiple sources that found that spambots used poached user information to make posting on the site. After scrubbing the comments for fake it would seem the opposite is really true.

Why These Claims are False

If you have been anywhere on the internet in the past few years you’ve probably heard about this. Sites like Reddit have even run campaigns to prove what could happen if net neutrality is repealed. This is a huge issue that even most profitable websites are against due to the fact they don’t ever want to see their content locked behind a paywall that would hurt their ad revenue. These sites have been fighting to prove a point to their users since the possibility of neutrality ending became an actual issue

For normal internet users comment sections across the internet are filled with hard opposition to ending neutrality. Go on any page that has a slight mention of it and you will find tons of comments in full support of keeping things the same. Net neutrality is clearly what the majority of the internet wants and it should stay that way. While there will always be a few issues that rise up from it, it’s nothing we aren’t used to dealing with.

Net Neutrality

What is Net neutrality? Net neutrality is the current set of laws the internet falls under. Net neutrality prevents internet service providers (ISP) from controlling connection speeds and the information you view or share. This means that ISPs can charge users for faster connection speeds while those that do not pay the extra fee will be left with slower connection speeds depending on a number of users paying for faster service. This basically causes an imbalance of internet speeds among users.

This could also affect sites themselves. If a user or site refused to pay a premium price then the internet providers could slow the end users speed. This could make it to where sites that have opposing views to an ISP or didn’t pay the premium for faster speeds become so slow that it’s almost impossible to access the site. This, in turn, could ruin some online-based companies and cause smaller sites to struggle.

In Conclusion

Companies should always double check their claims when putting them in the public eye. AT&T is a company that could stand to possibly gain from eliminating Title II, making this slip up look pretty fishy on their part. The internet has and more than likely always will be against the change of our current internet standing. If you ever see an article stating otherwise just google Net Neutrality to see a literal landslide of campaigns to keep our online world stable.

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