Five Reasons Smartphones Slow Down and What You Can Do About It

Unlike conventional devices, smartphones tend to slow down after a year or so of usage and to our disappointment, they don’t remain as quick and cool as we would expect them to. The phone you spent $500 on will eventually begin to freeze, perform weirdly or the battery would run haywire. If not speed, then the battery life, if not the battery life, then the hardware and if not the hardware, well, then it’s a cracked screen.

Ever curious to know why your phone slows down after a certain time? Here are a few reasons your phone is slowing down and if you’re not in the mood to spend $$$ every year, there are also a few things you could do to make sure it runs well.

  1. Loading Your Phone with Tons of Apps —————————————————-

Phones now come with essential apps by default, however, we have a tendency to overload our phones with ton7s of apps. Five different apps for pictures? Productivity apps? Business apps? The list goes on. Ironically, we almost never use these apps. Like when was the last time you checked that fitness app you downloaded? Experts recommend that you ought to remove apps you don’t need to avoid having them use up precious processing resources. Open apps take up precious memory space and slow down the performance of your phones significantly.

Pro-Tip: Go through your phone’s apps and make sure dormant apps are removed. Also, understand that downloading apps recklessly can cause your phone to be infected with malware.

  1. Playing Heavy Games on Your Phone ————————————————-

Heavy games make our phones lag and also causes phones to heat up. Phones today have up to 3GB RAM and are pretty fast and furious but even they have their limits. We need to accept the fact that phones are not built for gaming – they are built to be multi-purpose devices instead of gaming devices. You can play the occasional arcade games, but if you’re looking to play heavy-duty RPG games on your phone (even if they are available in the store), you’re essentially slowing down your phone. Want to play games? Grab a Nintendo.

Pro-Tip: Avoid downloading multiple gaming apps. And most specifically avoid downloading free game SDKs from online sources.

  1. Keeping All Your Apps Open ——————————————

Don’t we love to flip through our apps and open them all just to leave them in the background? Apps running in the background for a long time can significantly slow down your phone. In fact, it is one of the most common reasons that drain off the phone’s battery. Swipe close all your active apps and let your phone take a breather.

Pro-Tip: New Android phones come with smart settings that allow you to close off all inactive apps, and provide you with suggestions to remove apps that you no longer use. On the iPhone, you can simply double tap the home button and see which apps are currently running. Swipe them all out.

This is somewhat misleading. On iOS, you should be more concerned with any app that sends notifications or the likes. Most apps on iOS when not in use are actually not doing anything in the background. It can be actually detrimental to close them because they are stored in a ready to go state. Meaning relaunching them would eat more battery power as the app has to totally restart. - Ed

  1. Using Your Storage Space to its Max —————————————————

The 1000+ pictures? The 500+ songs? Those things are eating up your storage space like never before. As your phone ages, the storage space that you’ve maxed out will have a drastic impact on performance. If you notice your phone lagging and freezing up despite having minimal apps check your storage.

Pro-Tip: Enable the backup of pictures to your cloud account. Delete all unnecessary pictures (those 5 to 10 selfies just to get the right pose) and ease up on your phone. Try using your SD card, your computer drive or your cloud for storage as compared to your phone’s actual storage.

  1. The Lure of a New Phone —————————————

And this may come off as funny, but yea, the lure of a new phone will often make you feel your phone has slowed down. If you compare the iPhone 5S with the iPhone 7, sure there is a drastic difference in speed and performance, but your 5S is performing great right? Phone manufacturers play on this psychological perspective and this is why you’ve got new phone models releasing every year. As soon as you get your hands on the S8, there’s news that the S8 Note is releasing. As soon as you begin to love the iPhone 7, iPhone 8 is on its way. So try not to compare your phone with your friend’s latest model. Your phone is good.

Pro-Tip: Unless your phone is actually dying, you don’t really need to spend a $$$ on a new one.

Farah tries to keep up with the fast-paced tech world by writing about it. She covers latest tech news and writes informative pieces to help her readers make informed decisions about their tech preferences.