Samsung Galaxy S9 Leaks Show Off The Upcoming Phone

Figure President of Mobile Communications Business at Samsung, DJ Koh, holding the new Galaxy Note 8.
Figure President of Mobile Communications Business at Samsung, DJ Koh, holding the new Galaxy Note 8.

While it seems that the Galaxy S8 and S8+ just hit (and they did) and the Note 8 will be released in about 10 days, leaks are already out about the Galaxy S9. Samsung plans to release the Galaxy S9 next year and not much has been known about the device until the last day or so, when reports were leaked about the upcoming device. If you’re a little bit curious about what the next Samsung flagship phone will be like, here’s the scoop from the leaked reports:

Let’s Start With Memory

It seems that the leaked reports show Samsung is going to stay with the 4GB of RAM that it has put on the Galaxy S8, S8+ and the Note 8. It will have the expandable memory as well, just like almost every phone out there does. So, if you’re always worried about memory on your newest phone, it looks like Samsung understands and is making sure you have plenty of room.


Leaks earlier in the year told us that the S9 would be one of the first phones to hold Qualcomm’s latest SnapDragon chip, which meant that Samsung would have a major advantage in being the first company to use them. It appears the leaks were correct and the Galaxy S9 will have the SnapDragon 845 system-on-chip. Here’s why this is so important: it means that Samsung has just cornered the market on this latest chip, securing the majority of the chips for their phones and denying the chips to other manufacturers. So, any other companies out there looking to seriously boost the processors in their newest phones are going to be fighting for what’s left of the SnapDragon 845’s or they are waiting for the next chips to come out and pray that they get in there before Samsung. I chalk this up to extremely smart decisions on Samsung’s development team’s part, that they were able to recognize how strong the newest chips would be and snatch up a contract for them with amazing speed.

What’s the Difference in Processors?

Figure SnapDragon 835 next to the 820 and a penny for size reference.
Figure SnapDragon 835 next to the 820 and a penny for size reference.

Well, the current flagship phones from Samsung, the Galaxy S8, S8+ and the Note 8, all carry the SnapDragon 835 chip. Samsung’s developers were able to secure the 835 chips in these new phones and force other manufacturers to resort to lower processors or basically fight to the death over the remaining new ones. This move allowed Samsung to take the lead in processing power for their new phones. If you haven’t seen how fast the phones are with the SnapDragon 835 chips, I highly recommend that you do so. The speed on the Galaxy S8+ is amazing and I can easily see the difference in the S7 and the S8 phones. I can only imagine how sweet the 845 chips will be in the S9.

Will The Processors Be In All Markets?

We really won’t know what processors will be available in the different markets as Samsung has its own Exynos chips that it uses too. However, we’re pretty sure that the SnapDragon 845 chips will be in the North American released phones because the competition is so tight here in the US. The 845 also offers the highest specs available that work with the required network compatibility in the US.

S9 Screen Size

It looks like the Samsung Galaxy S9 will keep the QHD+ resolution that runs at a max of 1440x2960 pixels. So, it’s going to still have the 18.5 to 9 ratio that we’re all loving on the latest Galaxy flagship phones. For those that love the Infinity edge to edge screen, you will also be happy to know that the S9 plans to keep that feature. I personally am in love with the Infinity screen and what it does for anything you watch, play or do on the phone. I’ve even had people sitting next to me make a comment about how crazy the screen is (eavesdroppers or not, I never can resist showing off the screen on my S8+ when they comment about it).

Fingerprint Scanner Issues

One of the main issues with the Galaxy phones in recent models has been the fingerprint scanner. I personally don’t use it because I have a larger case on my phones. (I have been firmly addicted to the Iris Scanner anyway.) However, the placement of the fingerprint scanner on the S8 and S8+ has been an issue for some people because it is just not in a very easy to reach place if you are trying to use the phone with one hand. The leaks show that this is an issue that Samsung is looking at and it may keep the scanner on the back of the phone for the S9 instead of placing it under the glass on the front. Samsung hasn’t decided on the placement yet though, so it may move to a better, easier to access location on the back of the phone. (We will keep our fingers crossed!)

What Else?

Not much else has been leaked yet for the Samsung Galaxy S9, but you can be sure that we will be keeping an eye out for anything else to come out. Since Samsung has been wowing us with all of the extras that have come on their latest phones (see the Galaxy Note 8 pre-release review here on BeepWee and the Galaxy S8+ review here as well), there is no doubt that the S9 will come out with an amazing array of goodies for us phone nerds to ogle at. I’m sure that Samsung will be keeping Bixby around for a while and probably updating the software and AI as the S9 and other phones release on down the road.

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