Corsair Katar Gaming Mouse Review

The Corsair Katar gaming mouse - side view.
The Corsair Katar gaming mouse - side view.

NOTE: This is an non-affiliated and non-sponsored review. We purchased this gear ourselves.

We’re on the hunt for the best light weight gaming mice. The Katar is one of Corsairs lightest gaming mice coming in at just 85g. This mouse is a little bit of an oddball to me due to its small form factor, so I thought I’d check it out.


GripFinger, Claw
Programmable Buttons4
Sensor TypeOptical
On Board MemoryYes
Weight (with Cord)118g
Weight (without Cord)85g
Backlight ColorRed
Software OSWindows
Cable1.8m Tangle Free Rubber
Purchased Price$19.95

Looks and feel

The Corsair Katar gaming mouse - front view.
The Corsair Katar gaming mouse - front view.

The first thing that immediately stands out with this mouse is how small it is. By far the smallest mouse in our current review arsenal. This mouse would excel with a finger or claw grip, although a claw grip can be difficult if you have big hands. For most gamers a palm grip would not work well as the mouse is very short.

The sides have a nice grippy material and texture to it. It’s somewhat on the tougher side. I would say it’s a medium grip. Not as good as some mice, but better than a mouse with nothing.

The Corsair Katar gaming mouse - rear view.
The Corsair Katar gaming mouse - rear view.

It is very comfortable to hold.

The scroll wheel is very nice and smooth, while providing good grip. The height is good too.

This mouse does not have a forward and back button, which is quite disappointing. I would consider this mouse if it did.

The mouse sports a backlit area on its rear end where the logo is. It only has one color, red. You can adjust the brightness from off to on and anywhere in between.

The cable is the standard run of the mill rubber coated cable. I’m not sure what makes it “tangle free”. Seems like nothing more than marketing speak. The USB connector is the same I’ve seen on other Corsair devices, such as the Scimitar and Harpoon mice.


The mouse software is Corsair CUE as you would expect of any Corsair product. I dislike CUE the most out of the major players such as Logitech, SteelSeries, and Razer.

From CUE you can change and set the color, dpi, polling rate, etc.

CUE - Actions.
CUE - Actions.

The Actions settings are your standard Corsair affair. The mouse appears on the right side and then you spend time guessing what button you are adjusting.

CUE - Lighting.
CUE - Lighting.

The Lighting Effects allows you to change the lighting from red hex 255, to 0. As you can see here, there are too many ways to change the brightness of this thing. There are 3 sections, with more than one way to do the same thing.

What I would like to see is one slider from fully on, to fully off, with a percentage text box. What more do you need?


The mouse supports up to 6 different DPI settings. 5 normal settings and 1 sniper setting. The sniper setting can only be activated by setting it to a button. The 5 normal setting can be activated via the DPI toggle button. Considering how few buttons this mouse has, it seems odd to me.

Unlike other Corsair mice, the Katar has a special set of presets under the DPI section. Interesting I suppose, but nothing out of the ordinary (most settings are between 400 - 1600 dpi).

CUE - Performance.
CUE - Performance.

The Performance section is also another sort of pain. You can’t adjust everything from that section. You can adjust Lift height and Pointer speed only.

CUE - Options.
CUE - Options.

To change your Polling rate, you need to click the cog at the top of that section. You can change the backlight brightness from this section as well, and it has a simple slider as well! The slider can only be 0 or 100 though, which is odd. The sections on the left disappear too, which is odd.

CUE V2 has come a long way since it was launched, but still has a long way to go before it’ll good.


Our score.
Our score.

It’s a decent small, lightweight, ambidextrous mouse. It has decent a moderate amount of grip, and a solid scroll wheel.

It has no forward or back buttons. CUE is not great software. Its backlight is only red. Only really good for small hands and/or certain grips.

Overall it’s a good mouse for the price if you can get a deal on it, but there are much better mice out there.

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