Logitech G203 Gaming Mouse Review

Logitech G203 - back
Logitech G203 - back

NOTE: This is an non-affiliated and non-sponsored review. We purchased this gear ourselves.

We’re still on the hunt for lightweight gaming mice.

Up next is the ever so stylish and affordable Logitech G203 gaming mouse. It comes in at only 85 grams without the cord.

How does it stack up against the field? Let’s check it out.


Programmable Buttons6
Sensor TypeOptical
On-Board MemoryYes
Weight (with Cord)113g
Weight (without Cord)85g
Backlight ColorRGB
Software OSWindows, MacOS
Purchased Price$28.40

Look and feel

Logitech G203 - front
Logitech G203 - front

The first thing I notice is that is quite a low profile mouse. From the front view, it’s a neutral type of mouse, meaning it doesn’t slope from one side to the other at the fingertips.

This is an intro level gaming mouse and doesn’t have any fancy materials on it. It does have a very fine and pleasant matte finish to the plastic though. I played DOTA 2 with it for a few hours without issue. The matte finish provides enough grip, but I could see some small issues if you have sweatier hands.

The scroll wheel is a good height, but it’s a bit blocky and rigid. Compared to many other gaming mice the scroll is less smooth and requires more force to turn. You can really feel each and every actuation which I’m not fond of.

The forward/back buttons sit in a very nice spot. They’re fairly basic vs higher end models but will get the job done without question.

Logitech G203 - side
Logitech G203 - side

The backlighting on this model looks very good. The lighting composes of the back logo area and an area that stretches from mid mouse around the back end. This is all one “zone”. The lighting is nice and even, and very stylish. Unlike a lot of other gaming mice, there is no lighting on the scroll wheel.

The mouse feels large enough that you should be able to grip it as you like. It might be a touch sort for some palm grippers but generally should work.

The sides of the mouse slope in and your pinky and thumb will tend to grip under the mouse more. I really like this form factor, it’s quite comfortable to hold.

On the specs page, Logitch touts it’s Advanced Button Tensioning feature. This feature uses springs to keep the mouse primed to be clicked, reducing the force needed to click. I have several mice of various brands around me right now and tested them all. I think there’s something to this. The mouse button clicks do seem a bit nicer and more precise. It’s not game changing or anything, every mouse I tested can easily be clicked across the range of the button. It’s just something that is a nice little addon I suppose, but I wouldn’t buy a mouse just for it.


Being a Logitech product this mouse uses the Logitech Gaming Software for configuration.


Logitech Gaming Software - Home
Logitech Gaming Software - Home

Allows you to tell the mouse to use profiles stored on the mouse, or to use profiles on the computer it’s connected to.

Customize buttons

Logitech Gaming Software - Customize Buttons
Logitech Gaming Software - Customize Buttons

Allows you to remap your buttons. I like the layout and the way things are labeled compared to other software. You have a clear picture of the mouse, with labels to each button.

Logitech Gaming Software - Command Editor
Logitech Gaming Software - Command Editor

When you double-click on a button it brings with the Command Editor. From here you can assign keystrokes, macros, text blocks, mouse functions, multimedia, etc... Almost anything you can think of.

At the top is your profiles. From here you can create custom profiles for any game or another program.

Pointer settings

Logitech Gaming Software - Pointer Settings
Logitech Gaming Software - Pointer Settings

From here you can change your various pointer and report rate settings.

You can have up to 5 different DPI settings that are toggled with the DPI Switch button. The DPI settings can only be adjusted in increments of 50, but that should be good enough for most people.

Lighting settings

Logitech Gaming Software - Lighting Settings
Logitech Gaming Software - Lighting Settings

From here you can adjust the mouse lighting. There are 3 different Lighting Effects:

  • Off. Allows you to set a single solid color.
  • Color Cycle. Causes the mouse to cycle through all colors.
  • Breathing Effect. Let’s you set up your own custom breathing effect. Nothing fancy though only allows a single color.


Logitech G203 mouse review score
Logitech G203 mouse review score

The good: A solid design. Good software. Nice lighting.

The bad: Odd scroll wheel. No real wow factor.

It’s a pretty attractive package at a reasonable price point. Outside of the lighting though, it’s a pretty basic and low frills mouse. It’ll fit what I think a lot of gamers want. It’s not a bad mouse, but it doesn’t wow me. I think for not much more price wise, there’s at least one mouse better than it, which we’ll be reviewing next.

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